Clarity Kit: the introspection retreat

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The Clarity Kit is a box full guidance and tools to create a self-discovery retreat.
Over the course of two full days, it helps you find mental clarity about the life that is right for you.

The Clarity Kit reconnects you with your true self. And helps you to define your path ahead.

Find clarity in three steps:

  1. Prepare. Follow the preparation guidelines and set a date for your retreat.

  2. Retreat. The Clarity workbook breaks your introspection journey down into 10 important topics. Every inspiring and deepening exercise was based on years of experience with organising CEO retreats. You can do them at your own pace and in your own space, with the help of a clear two-day planning.

  3. Commit. Summarise your insights and decisions on the Clarity Poster, a stylish visual reminder to walk your own path in life.

Find the mental clarity to walk the path that is right for you.

 Not ready to commit to a 2 day introspection retreat? But still want to do introspection?

Maybe the Clarity Key is right for you; it's a workbook with 32 introspection exercises that you can use to create introspection moments.

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