• Find the mental clarity to define your own path.

    Find Clarity. Walk your own path.

Clarity Kit box

Personal clarity retreat in a box

Your awesome self, two days of silence and the Clarity Kit. That's all you need to design the life that is right for you.

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"The Clarity Kit helped me define who I truly am, what my values are and what the right path is for me. I feel more confident, relieved and above all excited about the future. A gift to myself."


"I was feeling so overwhelmed with options and choices to make, that I felt paralysed. The Clarity Kit helped me to pauze and reconnect with what was important to me."


"We tried, tested and vetted the Clarity Kit as couple... and enjoyed it very much as yet another deepening milestone. Definitely commendable."

Lien & Christoph

"I would recommend the Clarity Kit to anyone who questions their current life or has an important decision to take. For me it has shown the path forward and enabled me to take a difficult decision with confidence."


"The Clarity Kit is as aesthetically beautiful as it is thought provoking and a source of big personal realizations. I have recommended it around me and plan to give this to the people I care the most about."


Understand yourself deeply

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Let go of fear and doubt

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Only you know what is right for you.

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Press for Clarity Kit: the Introspection Retreat to find mental clarity

Our own paths

Four years ago, I had a picture perfect life. But something didn't feel right. Whose life was I living? I hardly remembered the real me.

The outside world could offer only complexity, so I turned my attention inwards.

Deep introspection helped me to understand myself deeply and clear out the mental clutter - doubts, expectations and fears - built up over the years.

I found the clarity to redefine my life path. It's far from picture perfect, but it is truly me. That's what really matters.

With Clarity Kit, I want to empower you not to make compromises when it comes to your life path. You can design a life that is right for you.

Define your own path. With Clarity and confidence.

Love, Julie


Clarity Kit is the result of a intuitive collaboration between DJERICO BV (BE 0746 516 156) and Julie Vandermeulen (BE 0719 263 710).