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    Find clarity about yourself. Walk your own path.

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The DIY introspection retreat.

I want clarity

Clear the mental clutter.

Clear my clutter

"The Clarity Kit helped me define who I truly am, what my values are and what the right path is for me. I feel more confident, relieved and above all excited about the future. A gift to myself."


"Clarity Kit biedt je de ideale tools voor een weekendje gericht op jezelf. De opdrachten zijn erg toegankelijk en gericht op positiviteit."


"We tried, tested and vetted the kit as couple... and enjoyed it very much as yet another deepening milestone. Definitely commendable."

Lien & Christoph

"Deze Clarity Kit heeft me veel inzichten gegeven in hoe ik mijn pad moet verder zetten als alleenstaande mama in combinatie met een eigen business. Een aanrader!"


"It is as aesthetically beautiful as it is thought provoking and a source of big personal realizations. I have recommended it around me and plan to give this to the people I care the most about."


Walk your own path.

Find my path

What the Clarity Kit is all about.

Your own path is the right path.

A few years ago, we were both living picture perfect lives.

But something didn't feel right.

We tried different things: Reading, coaching, sports, and even the classic ignore-the-feeling-strategy.

Nothing helped.

Frustrated with not finding answers in the outside world, we tried something else.

We looked inside ourselves. And found the clarity to redesign our lives for the better. Our picture perfect lives are over. And we are much happier now.

We believe that everyone should walk their own path. It's where you can be your happiest self.

Let the Clarity Kit guide you through the introspection process we perfected over the years.

- Carlien & Julie -

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