Clarity Key: the introspection guide

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Every good conversation starts with a good question.

Use this workbook with 32 introspection exercises to start a deep conversation with yourself. The workbook is also included in the Clarity Kit.

The Clarity Key lets you create your own self-discovery moments - when it suits you.

  • Clear out the mental clutter and doubts.
  • Understand what is true for you.
  • Reconnect with your intuition.


BONUS: the Clarity Poster will help you remember your valuable insights. It is a visual reminder to always stay true to yourself.

Consider the Clarity Key your DIY introspection guide to help you find mental clarity during your holiday, after work or whenever you feel the need to reconnect with yourself.


Note: This workbook has the same exercises that you will find in Clarity Kit. The Clarity Key helps you create casual introspection moments, and the Clarity Kit will help you create a two day introspection weekend.

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